Debt Hurts

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The words “lavée” “cassé” and “étranglé” literally translate into “washed”, “broken” and “strangled”. In French, these common expressions imply the feelings of being weighed down by debt.

Ad campaign for SOS Dettes by GVM.

*UPDATED* (january 31st 2011)

In recent weeks, a number of articles, reader comments and surveys were published, all of which focused on the increasingly alarming financial situation of Quebecers. This societal issue is what inspired the “Debt Aches” campaign. Montreal-based GVM launched the campaign over the summer and it is continuing to raise awareness on SOS Dettes’ – a non-profit organization – mission: to help those struggling to manage their debt and overcome it…at no cost.

Those struggling with debt often censure themselves by deciding not to talk about their problem, which causes them growing pains. GVM took a surreal approach to break this taboo and to encourage people to reach out to SOS Dettes for help because “It is never too late to get out of debt”.

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