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BLDGWLF x Wijtze Valkema

In collaboration with 6 illustrators/graphic designers from all over the world, BLDGWLF will be launching 6 stickers (1/month) in the next few months.

Each sticker will be printed in one and final edition of 1,000, but only 250 will be available for free on Big Cartel.

Free? Yes, you read it right. Shipping & Handling + 0.01 (default price can’t be $0 on Big Cartel) and you’re good to go.

December 2013: BLDGWLF x Wijtze Valkema (pictured above)

This project is brought to you by BLDGWLF and the great people at Sticker Mule.

Sticker Mule

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