Wallpaper #3: BLDGWLF x Ewen Stenhouse

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*Note: the image above was cropped and resized and is not the actual wallpaper.

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80s cartoons and films ruled and as such are a constant source of inspiration for me with Teenwolf being no exception. “He always wanted to be special… but he never expected this!” as the tagline for the film goes. Cue 90 minutes of awesome! I’m not sure why but increasingly i feel the need to document the characters that had such a lasting impression on my childhood. Teenwolf is the start, but not the end by a long shot. I threw a few handy film references in there for good measure too.

The process was all out digital. I find myself sketching straight into the computer as much as on paper these days. Bad habit I guess but also saves me time. This was done entirely in Photoshop with my trusty Wacom.

The BLDGWLF Wallpaper Project – August 2011 by Ewen Stenhouse.

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