Wallpaper #4: BLDGWLF x Magnificent Beard

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First of all, we apologize in advance if BLDGWLF is a furry. Kind of. We split up the work on this rad dad since we were ever so conveniently in two different cities at the time. That being said why not talk about it separately.


The first time I heard the word “yiff” was the first time I felt 27. It was the first time I ever wondered if the 18 year-old me would hate the 27 year-old me. But the 18 year-old me was a huge dick, so fuck him. That’s what you’re allowed to do when you grow up. This rad dad is about 25% by hand and 75% by wacom.


Strap on a fur suit with custom holes for convenience, meet a furry stranger, yiff it out, go home and take a shame shower, sounds about right. I did this the old fashioned way with the pencils and the papers, then combined that with the new fashioned way of my computer illustrator.

The BLDGWLF Wallpaper Project – September 2011 by Magnificent Beard.

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