Breaking Bad

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I was involved in an advertising campaign for the AMC show, Breaking Bad. They asked 16 artists to create a poster around a character or scene in the show. I was given the always sleazy, yet reliable lawyer, Saul Goodman.

I always liked how the show has a very local, domestic theme throughout it, centering around a normal dad in Albuquerque, NM who finds himself getting deeply involved in meth distribution. Saul Goodman is the local lawyer, who shamelessly advertises himself and who you’d expect to find in your yellow pages, so that is what I decided to theme my poster around.

The best part of this poster for all the die-hard fans are all the little details that reference the show with specific quotes and trivia. And the number even works! Give it a call and hear from Saul himself.

Breaking Bad poster by Massachusetts-based graphic artist Christopher Monro DeLorenzo.

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