But What Can You Do?

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Northumbria Design School wanted to raise the profile of their research agenda and to celebrate the breadth and depth of their expertise and knowledge across the Design School.

Key Communication Objectives

• Position Northumbria School of Design as a research active School with a strong voice and something to say
• Clearly communicate what they stand for, their core research themes or territories
• Emphasise the role of design
• Establish their credibility – through the insightfulness and relevance of their position
• Create immediate stand out

The result is a pack made up of a series of visual cards. The front of the cards are dominated by headlines which identify a series of key Global challenges, we then ask with a gentle shrug ‘But what can you do?

The reverse of each card provides a part answer by explaining the issue in more depth and begins to highlight how Northumbria Design School, as a community, are beginning to address these issues through their research work. The reader is then given a direct url and QR code to link them to a landing page on their new Research Web pages that gives them access to various research projects that have been undertaken in relation to these issues within the design School.

Design & illustration by Paul Robson.

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