A Grotesk Love Affair

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Good designers like fonts. Great designers find them physically arousing.

With this thought in mind, we set out to dramatize designers everlasting love affair with Grotesk fonts, and democratically determine which one got designers’ juices flowing the most.

We (Ryan Atkinson & Stephan de Lange) designed a poster inviting people to vote, with the promise that their name would appear on the final product, and posted it on various design blogs and social media sites.

The web address on the poster directed users to a site with multiple examples of Grotesk fonts, and allowed them to vote for their favourite.

This information was then translated into statistical data, and used as the basis for the design, where we used typographical grids to layout all the information.


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Posters inspired by famous quotes designed by Pogo.

Public Gothic

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Vintage metal oil cans are much better than today’s plastic oil cans like many other old things! It is more powerful, more impressive, more iconic. These days, the relatively few metal oil cans that survived that familiar pattern have become collectibles. These cans not only served as containers, they also gave oil companies one more opportunity to advertise their brand name and logo. These vintage cans are also really good source for reflecting power of “Public Gothic Family“, Antrepo‘s condensed, vintage and industrial font family.


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HandMadeFont is an Estonia based design company. It was founded in 2008 by Vladimir Loginov and Maksim Loginov.

Amazing Things Will Happen

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This Kinetic Typography project was created from dialogue from Conan O’Brien’s final episode of The Tonight Show on NBC. In this dialogue he describes his feelings about NBC and the situation at hand. His personality exudes positivity and humor and this dialogue describes his character very well. Even through the hardships of leaving NBC he promotes hard work and kindness.

The concept behind this video is to show Conan O’Brien as a solid wall and a monumental entertainer. Also portrayed is the relationship between old and new. This comparison shows the idea of a span of time. Conan O’Brien is and will continue to be seasoned television entertainer. This concept was achieved by creating a literal wall out of over 60 individual typographic layouts. These layouts reference a variety of vintage type designs. The combination of vintage styled type layouts and the sleek 3d look achieved in Cinema 4D allow the wall to seem both old and new. This contrast emphasizes time and creates a sturdy and timeless object which is the perfect metaphor for Conan O’Brien.

Jacob Gilbreath

Stuart Whitton

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Stuart Whitton creates imagery tailored to his perceptions. A careful discretion of detail is utilised to develop a visually appealing relationship between meticulously drawn ethereal illustrations of the human form, objects and typographical elements. His influences lie in the process of image construction, form, and surreal ambiguity with a preference towards detailed tonal qualities true to the realistic.

Spoonful of Sugar

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To touch the hearts of umbrella-less new yorkers on a rainy day, I dressed up as Mary Poppins and escorted people across the street carrying a hand-lettered umbrella and a bag of chocolate-dipped spoons.

Designed by Leen Sadder.

*Thanks for submitting your work Leen

Spaghetti Vespa

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Spaghetti Vespa Typography, a very Italian poster exhibition, è una mostra tenutasi all’interno dell’evento Budapest Design Week 2010 che riunisce 20 graphic designer italiani contemporanei. È stato chiesto ai 20 designer di raccontare il proprio paese, l’Italia, con un poster.

La nostra idea parte dal presupposto che l’Italia è un posto stupendo, dove però, purtroppo, spesso si lavora per la fama, e si muore di fame.

Partendo da questa considerazione, ci siamo resi conto che la parola “fame” ha una duplice valenza linguistica, in italiano ed in inglese (il linguaggio ufficiale della mostra). Significa appunto “fame” e “fama”. Una parola, vera, scritta in Futura, ma fatta di pane. Consumata, e vissuta, come indica la scarpetta. Ma anche una contraddizione, un’ambiguità.

Designed by FF3300.