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‘Levius’, derived from the Latin language and meaning ‘lightness’ has its origins in Venice, a city with unique characteristics, where walking constitutes a natural way of moving around.

Levius succeeds in bringing together the characteristics of the sneaker, both classical and technical, with the traditional brown shoe making it a natural choice for anyone who appreciates lightness with the additional comfort of a rubber sole and who is seeking an image and functionality in line with the metropolitan tastes of modern day life.

Each model starts out and comes to life on the drawing board, sketched meticulously and creatively by hand before moving on to the final stages of computerised design where the whole process is scrupulously monitored for improvements, leaving nothing to chance and continually keeping in mind the product’s final use.  This ensures that Levius becomes a modern concept and not just a simple shoe, enabling it to meet the rigorous demands placed on it by everyday life.

The collection maintains several ever present elements which immediately, yet discreetly convey the idea of the personality and the ties with the modern concept of Levius.
The ‘rain drop’ shaped logo expresses the idea of lightness while at the same time symbolising Venice, city of water, where its art and subculture go harmoniously hand in hand.

All of this inspired the commitment to create ‘Levius World’, a source of elaboration and artistic mapping with the aim of linking and creating an awareness of the diverse artistic, cultural and social realities found widespread in the city of Venice of today.


BLDGWLF is giving away two pairs of Levius Shoes.

What you have to do:

Hitting the ‘Like’ button (below) is your entry to this contest (winner will be randomly chosen from my Facebook page).

If you’re already a fan, please send me your full name/email with BLDGWLF x Levius for subject line.


Winners of the Levius Shoes contest are Duncan Blair and Matthieu Panigot. Congrats!

Thanks to Marco @ Levius.

Don’t forget to visit their website.

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