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If you’ve been following BLDGWLF for more than a year, you probably remember the Valentine’s Day contest I did last year. Well, guess what… it’s back! Once again, I have teamed up with great people and the 2012 edition is a giveaway with over $1700 in prizes.

What you have to do:

Like BLDGWLF on Facebook (or just hit the button below)

If you’ve already liked the BLDGWLF facebook page in the past, please use this contact form to send me your full name/email (please include street, city, state/province and zip code to get BLDGWLF stickers*).

* First 100 entries will get BLDGWLF stickers

You could win one of these…

Prize pack: 4 prints + 1 t-shirt

En Masse

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Prize pack (all the items above)


Website | Facebook | Twitter

Prize pack: Two copies of Pica’s most recent edition

Pica Magazine

Website | Facebook | Twitter

1 t-shirt (to be determined by Rouge MTL)


Website | Facebook | Twitter

MiniBurger bean bag


Website | Facebook | Twitter

20″ Teal Triangle Decorative Pillow (1)

Erin Flett

Website | Facebook | Twitter

William James Murray print

DKNG Studios

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Good Ink: American Shorts Box Set

Scout Books

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Badbearday t-shirt

The Bear Hug

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Akai AX80 print

Matt Hunsberger

Website | Twitter

Hand knit soft merino wool hat

Bayleaf Studio

Website | Facebook

Bikes of San Francisco print

Tor Weeks


Slingshot – Riviera Light edition (1)

Christopher Jarrat

Website | Twitter

Prize pack: 5″ DIY Cube Truck + MQ Chevy Matchbox Van (not pictured) + Desktop Dumpster


Website | Facebook | Twitter

Untitled Films print

Gianmarco Magnani

Website | Facebook

Wolf print

Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo

Website | Twitter

Olivier Camera Strap

Draught Dry Goods

Website | Twitter

Vinyl Prize pack: Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself + The War on Drugs – Slave Ambient + Yeasayer – Odd Blood + Suuns – Zero QC

Secretly Canadian

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Cosmology of Classic Cocktails print

Pop Chart Lab

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Prize pack: French Swagg t-shirt + The Captain t-shirt

Vaisseau Amiral

Website | Facebook | Twitter

The 2012 Time Travel Calendar

Alex Griendling

Website | Twitter

1 t-shirt (to be determined by the winner)

Wasted Rita

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Prize pack: Classic Buildings of New York prints (2)

James Gulliver Hancock

Website | Twitter

Things That Hipsters Like print

Jenni Sparks

Website | Facebook | Twitter

2012 Calendar

Mash Creative

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Kern or Burn print

Primitive Heritage

Website | Twitter

ABC Superheroes print

Fabian Gonzalez


Things That Remind Me of Smug print

Holly Exley

Website | Twitter

Prize pack: Happy When You’re Naked + I Fucking Love You greeting cards

55 Hi’s

Website | Twitter

Project49 Mile 1 print

Jeremy Payne

Website | Twitter

Tastes Tasty print

Alex Perez

Website | Twitter

Kickstart My Heart print

Chris Piascik

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Prize pack: Make Sense print + Nice to Meet You print

Brooke Weeber

Website | Twitter

Armadillos print

Mischief Champion

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Prize pack: Two copies of Get Freaky’s most recent edition (Get Freaky #05)

Get Freaky

Website | Twitter

Prize pack: Norge Stamp print + postcards (not pictured)

Gavin Potenza

Website | Twitter

Different Spokes for Different Folks print

Script & Seal



The contest begins January 30, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. EST, and concludes on February 13, 2012 at 12:00 a.m. EST.

Winners (35) will be announced on February 14, 2012.

Good luck!

Thanks to…

Jason, Rupert & Fred @ En Masse, Mary-Eve @ Uranium, Eliane @ Pica Magazine, Olivier @ Rouge MTL, Pablo @ Woouf!, Erin Flett, Dan & Nathan @ DKNG, Lindsay @ Scout Books, Luke @ The Bear Hug, Matt Hunsberger, Lili @ Bayleaf Studio, Tor Weeks, Christopher Jarrat, Phil @ Tyotoys, Gianmarco Magnani, Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo, Caesy @ Draught Dry Goods, Kathy @ Secretly Canadian, Iris @ Pop Chart Lab, Victor & Adrien @ Vaisseau Amiral, Alex Griendling, Rita @ Wasted Rita, James Gulliver Hancock, Jenni Sparks, Mark @ Mash Creative & Primitive Heritage, Fabian Gonzalez, Holly Exley, Ross @ 55 Hi’s, Jeremy Payne, Alex Perez, Chris Piascik, Brooke Weeber, Katrin @ Mischief Champion, Pierre & Nicolas @ Get Freaky, Gavin Potenza and Script & Seal.

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