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Our encounter with urban space is mainly volumetric and sensorial, but never planimetric. Instead, we live surrounded by maps, GPS and other geo-location systems. In the Middle Ages a series of personal mapping performed by monks who reflected “their vision” of the world came to light. In the first stage, they were characterized by symbolic religious factors, but since commercial expansions in the Middle Ages, they began making pictorial expressions of the shape of the city, or of certain routes, but always with disinterest towards the rigor and metrics, in favour of high detail about the circumstances of each place, so that the transmission of sensations is the compass in that space. Similarly, a series of contemporary cosmographies of “the own”, of Madrid and the World, and of the set of personal experiences have been created, reflected in an analog map, capable of guiding the acquaintances and that may contribute to the understanding of the underlying opinion of each lived place.

Designed by Carlos Romo Melgar.

(via Fast Company)

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