How Illustrations Are Made

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Raymond Biesinger

This print isn’t just paper and ink. No, it’s a studio visit by you to any illustrator in the world. It’s a tour not just of the desirable, creative, parts of the studio (which are actually just a fraction of the clock’s face) but one from tip to tail showing all the unsexy billing, researching, toiling, incinerating, etc. This is how illustrations are made.

Contents include: an observatory, life preserver, lightbulb, anti-stylistic theft defence system, photocopier, hidden shame, a globe, paint, misc. art supplies, watercolours, infinite toil, a sketch incinerator, literacy, scheduling, cash flow, budgeting, shaking down deadbeat clients, telephone negotiations, a computer zone, photo reference studio, reference library (with canon of saints), a timeclock, the illustrator him/herself, booze distractions, minding the copyrights, an input of coffee, ink reservoir, a locked entryway, a stairwell, shipping room with flatfile, and a stunted little domestic life. Looks familiar?

The “How Illustrations Are Made” print by Raymond Biesinger.

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