Improbable Jams

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Improbable Jams is an ongoing series of posters designed and illustrated by Sydney based designer & illustrator Andrew Fairclough.

The project brings to life visually the Fantasy Supergroups of a selection of hand-picked writers, artists, musicians, publishers and personal creative hero’s.

The project began by asking the question, “Who is your Fantasy Supergroup and where would they play your dream gig”? The resulting Supergroups are named and used as the basis for one-off gig posters commemorating improbable gigs played by improbable bands.

The project aims to expose and explore not only the musical tastes of various creatives, but to create a visual narrative around the kind of musical collaborations and shows we can only dream of.

BLDGWLF has received this project via the Submit your work form, where readers are welcomed to submit their own work for publication.

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