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After nearly 10 years living in the Mission, I (Jonathan Koshi) was inspired to design a series of Calaveras, sugar skulls, popularized by the Dia de los Muertos celebration. I got a lot of positive response and more than a few requests for prints.

While lasers are cool for cats, they are not that impressive for printing, so I decided to get these letterpressed. After some research I decided on the Cranky Pressman in Salem, Ohio. Keith, the pressman, was awesome and faithfully entertained my print requests.

Unlike some of the printers who use plastic polymer plates, The Cranky Pressman works in metal. Sure it takes longer, but there’s something nice about transforming digital into Magnesium. Because of their size, they were manually pressed on their classic Vandercook press with vegetable based ink.

The paper comes from Crane & Co., one of America’s oldest paper manufacturers. How old? Paul Revere engraved banknotes for the Colony of Massachusetts Bay on Crane paper to help finance the American Revolution. The paper stock is Crane & Co.’s 100% cotton, Lettra line, made specifically for letterpress.


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