Music + Maths

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Music + Maths is a visual response to quotes about sound and music using generative computer code and music tracks as an input source.

Three different quotes have been used as the basis for images sets, with quotes from Claude Debussy, Pythagoras and Aldous Huxley serving as inspiration. These quotes accompany each produced item.

Each series contains unique images which are randomly collated into sets of 3 and packaged with a fold out leaflet, backed with stiff board. Quotes are prominent on the packaging to increase impact. An A3 scale fold out leaflet is included with the prints, with information introducing the project and features a small exercise to help illustrate how Generative Art works, in a simple and accessible way. Using these images, a set of A5 sized 60 page note books, with belly band and fold out leaflet has been created.

Designed by David Gasi.

BLDGWLF has received this project via the Submit your work form, where readers are welcomed to submit their own work for publication.

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