Broken Fingaz in China

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“Here is another wall from our China trip, this one is from Guangzhou, a city with a population of 7 million people, which is more than Israel basically. The whole place look like an apocalyptic city from the future, and was really different from any other place we´ve been to. We did this huge wall (50 meter long) together with the local KAPS crew, Uncle from HK and some other cool writers we met there.”

Broken Fingaz


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“Peachbeach is a fraternity of three village delinquents who wound up in the great capital of Berlin because of its vibrancy and dazzling colours. Harnessing varied cultural backgrounds, we were able to use different expressive accents to our advantage, fusing the most diverse creative approaches into one edgy mix of illustrative force, sensitive typography and ironic societal games. The established interaction of existing skills and connected minds gives rise to a stunning number of different synergies which combine our different outlooks and inspire in everyday life.”