Popular Drinks Photographed Under a Microscope

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My latest works express my fascination with beverages, the variety of methodical processes through which we craft them, and the detailed makeup of each liquid we drink. Stemming from my work as both an artist and as a barista and bartender, my interest is in concocting a recipe of beverage culture, art, and science with regard to what we as humans consume. I am continually inspired by observing what has been left behind and the clues that inspire examination. In this series, I treat the world’s top five most consumed man-made beverages like scientific specimens, allowing each liquid sample to dry before photographing them using a microscope. The resulting images provide us with a chance to analyze these fingerprints of drinkable culture as an act of art consumption.

“Fingerprints of Drinkable Culture” by William LeGoullon.

(via PetaPixel)

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