SILNT and Anonymous are merging

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SILNT and Anonymous are merging and will now function as a multidisciplinary studio.

As Anonymous, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the industry’s finest through our initiatives — A Design Film Festival, Bracket, Plusminusten, Help Save Paper, Dual City Sessions and Art with Sound. The responses to these initiatives have been both gratifying and humbling, and validated our belief that innovation cannot be achieved with simply more design but with better content. Beginning this year, we will be combining our experience from content development with our design unit to create a more integrated practice for our clients and future collaborators.

We will continue to lead the multidisciplinary studio as it grows and refines the team’s portfolio of services, products and initiatives. We would like to thank everyone we’ve had the fortune to meet and work with as SILNT, and humbly ask that you continue to stand by us, as Anonymous.

Congrats! Looking forward to see what you guys are up to for 2013.

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