Sincerly Yours

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Sincerely Yours, is a graphic design exhibition by nine designers who recently completed their MA Graphic Design course at the London College of Communication.

At a time where unemployment levels are soaring high, and emerging professionals are struggling to find work, Sincerely Yours, represents an attempt to address the market by taking on the role of the cover letter. We declare that we are very good team players and that we struggle for success. We aim to question the job-hunting approach design shows tend to adopt and rather invite the viewers to engage with the work in a critical manner. The viewers are welcome to take a closer look at the work within this intimate space rather than browse and scan the work at a distance.

Sincerely Yours, showcases a body of work from a group of diverse individuals who have approached the design practice in an investigatory and research-based method. The projects presented deal with contemporary issues that range from the social and political to the personal and cultural. At instances, the featured designers use the design discipline as a tool to investigate the outside world, and at others to explore the profession itself.

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