DKNG x The Black Keys

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During this year’s Flatstock at Austin’s SXSW a guy walked into our booth and asked if we would be interested in doing a poster for his band. It’s a pretty common question, but what came out of it was a pretty amazing opportunity for us. When I asked more, he explained that he manages The Black Keys. At that moment I was doing my best to stay as professional possible, but on the inside I felt like a little kid. We’re HUGE fans of The Black Keys to say the least and were thrilled with the prospect of creating a poster for them.

Designed by DKNG Studios.

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DKNG Studios

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We’ve (DKNG Studios) been big fans of Adam Carolla for long time. Love Line, The Man Show, the voice of Death on Family Guy, you name it. I can remember car rides from highschool all the way to present day where I would listen to his rants and nasally drone almost religiously. So you can imagine how excited we were to work with the Carolla crew on a poster for Adam’s live show. Check out the video below for an timelapse overview of our design process.

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