Wallpaper #01: BLDGWLF x Matt Williams

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Here it is, the first BLDGWLF wallpaper.

Working from the brief “create a character wearing a wolf’s head mask” …The illustration was intended to have a Canadian flavour – reminiscent of a mystical woodsman or lumberjack. His arm is tattooed “Rad everyday” because that’s what BLDGWLF does for us … provides a constant stream of rad! Mostly, the other symbolism in there are uberkraaft trademarks – I wouldn’t want to decode them!

The process was pure Photoshop after the initial rough on paper – It turned out to be a mammoth job, as digital illustrations often do, because of the high level of detail I’ve put in there in case it ever gets printed large.

The BLDGWLF Wallpaper Project – June 2011 by Matt Williams aka. Uberkraaft.

Matt Williams

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Matt Williams