Double Exhibition Newspaper

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Double Exhibition Newspaper by Julia Hoffmann (creative direction), Brigitta Bungard (art direction), Jesse Reed (design), Claire Corey (production) & Tamsin Nutter (copy editor) for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

I went to MoMA and…

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What would our museum be with no visitors? Well…not much of a museum. MoMA isn’t just galleries filled with art, after all. It’s also the experience of art, the diverse and intensely personal experiences people have when they visit. More than three million people from over 100 countries passed through MoMA’s doors last year—and no two of them had the same day here!

Recently, we started asking ourselves: How could we get our visitors talking to us about those individual experiences? Could we come up with a fun, creative way to enrich the ongoing, two-way conversation between the Museum and the people who are so integral to it? The result is a project we dubbed “I went to MoMA and…