Sorry LA, it’s over

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You can slip out the back Jack or you can put up five 10 x 23 foot billboards in your neighborhood. Adios LA is a visual goodbye to the city Jon Jackson has called home for years as the artist heads east making New York his new home. Not wanting to string LA along, he has decided to firmly break it off through a graphic billboard series posted on the famous streets of his first love.

Adios LA

Skinny Vinny

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“Skinny Vinny is a Brooklyn based studio that creates functional products bringing forth a sense of urban sophistication with tailored craftsmanship. A no-fuss everyday product that is enjoyed with ease.”

Skinny Vinny

C215 @ Brooklynite

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“With striking murals in varying size and scope all over the globe, he not only paints pictures of everyday people and society’s “outcasts”, he connects with them. Portraits of the elderly, middle-aged and children are carefully chosen; often reflecting the past, present and future in the gaze of their expressions.”

Opening: September 4, 7-10pm

Brooklynite Gallery is located at 334 Malcolm X Blvd.,
Brooklyn, New York 11233.