The Invisible Class

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Children with no parents. Combat war veterans still suffering from the effects of war. Elderly people who have lost insurance or have medical bills that are too high. Families who live out of a van. Women fleeing from abusive relationships. These are just some of the stories that make up the homeless population in America.

Yet when we think of homelessness we only see one face. And while these most visible of homelessness deserve our help and attention as well, they are only a fraction of the overall homeless population. The Invisible Class tells the story of the entire homeless population, which is something that has never been done before in film.

We’ve been working on The Invisible Class for 18 months now and we’ve been traveling around the US to tell the story. It has been an eye-opening and fantastic experience working with the homeless population, and the organizations that help them, and even more importantly finding out what causes homelessness and what can be done that actually helps. It’s amazing how incorrect our understanding of homelessness is and that there actually is a clear cut solution to solving it (and spending less while doing so). – Josh Hayes

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