The Kennedy Conspiracy Newspaper

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The Brief:

The JFK assassination is one of the most widely debated conspiracy theories in history. For my final major project at University I chose to research the vast
amount of theories there are through the studies of authors, investigators and assassination experts.

The challenge I set myself was to explore these theories in a visually exciting
way to encourage the viewer to read into the subject in more depth.

The Solution:

The visual imagery I experimented with was placed into the format of a newspaper, which was a reference to the era in which he was assassinated, the 1960s.
The coverage of the event was covered on a global scale therefore it was
a strong connection to the subject to portray it in the form of a newspaper.

The core concept of the project concentrates on the secrecy and the distortion of
the truth surrounding the official story. The newspaper aims to display this idea with visual manipulation of imagery, typographic experimentation and a simple colour palette echoing the era with the red to symbolise the violence of the event.

Matthew King

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