Contest: BLDG//WLF x Valentine’s Day

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And the winner is…



Once again, thanks to all the sponsors… this contest was amazing!

And thanks to YOU, all the readers, followers, retweeters and fans out there. You are absolutely incredible and I truly appreciate all the support you gave me since the beginning of this wonderful journey.

You didn’t win and you would like to buy some of the items featured in the contest?

There you go:

Woouf!WooufAll Foam

The Official Manufacturing CompanyFuck Haters T-Shirt
The Official Manufacturing CompanyShwag Bag

Pop Chart LabThe Relative Sizes of Fearsome Predators T-Shirt
Pop Chart LabThe Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools Poster

Skinny VinnyCity Slicker Tote

UraniumArmistice Necklace
UraniumRebondi Earrings

Beige Studio


Chris PiascikTypostruction Zine (3rd edition)


BayleafCity Stroll Hat

Sugar CoatedSubliminal Sticker Pack Vol.2

RougeScript T-Shirt

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